Camera Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is our camera in the professional monitor image effect is very good, and in some no-name monitor, the TV image is poor and there is interference phenomenon?
A: Our camera output is standard 75 ohms, and some no-name monitors, TV input resistance is not standard. The solution is: in the monitor, the input of the TV and the ground side and a 75 ohm resistor.
Q: Why is our camera on the hard disk video recorder on the yellow side and not in the general monitor?
A: Because the camera in the factory standard on the image there are two settings: sharp or soft. The solution is to apply the soft standard to the camera in the hard disk video recorder.
Q: 3, the integration of the lens perspective than the general camera lens narrow perspective.
A: At present, the world's production of integrated lens (automatic zoom, zoom lens is the best of only two, they are the same lens perspective, so now all the integration of the lens of the lens are the same, and that there is no One of the integrated functions has improved in perspective.
Q: 4, the integration of the negative function of the machine what role?
A: The machine's negative function is mainly used in teaching, its role is to film (film) into normal mode displayed on the screen, (such as photo negative hair color is white, with the normal hair color is black opposite , The negative function of the integrated machine can restore the white on the film to black and display it on the big screen.
Q: 5, intelligent high-speed ball in the screen processor after the interference fringes.
A: Any weak product requires an external power supply using a standard power supply (the smaller the ripple factor, the better).
Q: 6, intelligent high-speed ball can add automatic tracking function?
A: This is the current security industry, a technical problem, there have been several manufacturers have been modified to try, but did not hear anyone who can succeed. At this time you can use the smart ball preset point, coupled with the alarm method to make up, such as: in the smart ball preset point, installed on the alarm, and compiled the corresponding procedures, once the alarm alarm, such as Fifth preset alarm alarm, the smart ball lens can be the first time to switch to the preset point to monitor, so you can greatly improve the monitoring effect.
Q: 7, backlight compensation in some circumstances the effect is not obvious enough.
A: As a manufacturer, we can according to the needs of customers for its corresponding backlash compensation function. Such as in a position only in the upper left corner of the screen to achieve backlight compensation function, in the lower right corner of the screen to achieve BLC function, we can achieve one by one.
Q: 8, the camera to increase the digital output interface (S terminal).
A: At present, the increase in the practicality of the interface is not, temporarily not increase.
Q: 9, black and white low solution, high solution is not obvious distinction.
A: You can distinguish between the following two aspects, a, on the intake of computer monitors have been activated, with less for the high solution; b, intake of some smaller characters, can clearly show the high solution.
Q: 10, the camera's resolution of the minimum illumination for how much?
A: Please refer to and remember the technical parameters of various cameras.
Q: 12, auto iris lens and camera match, often there will be some problems, I do not know why?
A: The auto iris lens servo motor drive in two ways, one is the DC drive, the other is VIDEO drive, their drive signal from the camera, so the camera's auto iris output signal also DC and VIDEO two, only When the camera output signal and the lens to receive the same way, the lens to work properly.
Q: 13, the monitor image clarity is not high, the details of the loss, serious color signal or color saturation will be too small, how is this going?
A: This is due to the high frequency of the image signal loss is too large to 3MHZ above the frequency of the basic loss caused by the signal. Such as the situation or because the transmission distance is too far, and the middle without amplification compensation device; or because the video transmission cable distribution capacitance is too large; or because the transmission link in the transmission line between the core and shield line appears a centralized distribution of the equivalent capacitance Caused.
Q: 14, why our products in the application process have to re-adjust the focus?
A: Because we are using the standard 8mm F = 1.2 lens test shipments, so as long as the use of F = 1.2 can be clear and do not have to move after the coke, with the lens angle has nothing to do (regardless of the lens a few millimeters).
Q: Why is the camera output image with thin strips of interference or coarse stripes rolling?
A: can be considered from the following two aspects: a, the power adapter quality (ripple is too large) caused by aging or bad, this time through a good camera to compare, with the same power adapter, if the phenomenon disappears The camera itself is caused by aging, it is recommended to return to repair, and vice versa to replace the power adapter. B, the machine appears coarse stripes rolling is generally the system wiring is subject to strong electric field interference, it is recommended that the machine to avoid strong installation, wiring, check the ground is solid, followed by the replacement of power.
Digital Video Recorder Frequently Asked Questions
1, the problem: video comment year can not play the law or prompted to show wrong
         Check the recording period, whether the motion detection area selection is set in sequence, whether there is a duplicate or conflict
         Please check whether the board or other hardware is damaged
2, the problem: play video files when the "mosaic" phenomenon
        Check the hard disk, hard disk connection and RAID card is damaged
3, the problem: monitoring screen jitter
         Please check the camera models and models are unified
         Check whether the video signal amplitude can meet the standard requirements
         Camera power supply is normal, DC power supply device ripple is too large
4, the problem: PTZ can not control or control the delay
         Please check that the protocol and baud rate are correct
         Please check whether the "Use alarm device" and "Use serial as linkage device" and "Use PTZ control cursor" in the setup menu are selected by all
         Is the address code switch on the decoder set correctly?
         Check the "PTZ Basics" option in the setup menu
         RS485 "A". "B" terminal is connected to the correct code converter or alarm control box is damaged
5, the problem: alarm box can not achieve linkage video
         Check the alarm control box protocol is normal
         The connection between the alarm control box and the host is correct
         Whether the alarm box power is on
         The "Use alarm device" and "Use serial as linkage device" and "Use PTZ control cursor" are selected in the setup menu.
6, the problem: the network can only flyer screen, four screen appears red screen, or a single screen when the red screen, can not control the PTZ
         Graphics card and the system is not compatible, please replace the video card, it is recommended to use the GEFORCE2 MX440 (64M) graphics card, but also make 32MTNT display but should be noted that should use the latest version of the driver
         Please use WINDOWS2000PROFESSIONAL operating system
         The anti-virus software or hard disk partitioning software on the sub-control machine may have an impact on the operation of the software.
7, the problem: the network playback can not find in: D $: \ C ** D ******** T ******. MPG under the file.
        The host computer to store the video drive letter is not shared, please share the video file in the host hard disk share, share the suffix for the S symbol, rather than the symbol $ sign.
        In the host does not register the sub-control landing users, in the host side of the user and group to increase the name of the sub-control login, and give its super user permissions
8, the problem: video after the first piece of hard disk, can not automatically switch to the next hard disk.
         If the drive letter of the drive or recorder must be on all hard disks, set the drive letter of the optical drive or recorder to the last letter in the Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management.
         The drive letter of the hard disk is not specified in the system settings of the system setup menu. Please reset it.
9, the problem: the software appears when the red screen, and prompted "the system HDRECORDER.EXE file error, will be closed WINDOWS"
         Please check whether the board or computer motherboard is damaged.
10, the problem: play video file appears "× × × × × × × file exists" prompt, or video files exist, but can not be found in the software player interface corresponding to the index.
          C: HDRECORDER, DAT, HISTORY01, HISTORY02 HISTORY17 A problem has occurred
          The index file is deleted and the video file and the video file index file are deleted when deleting the file
11, the problem: the speed is too fast, or the software starts, the screen has a lot of blue dot, after a while is gradually disappear.
          Sound card driver is not compatible, the general WINDOWS2000 comes with the sound card driver can not be completely compatible with the sound card on the motherboard, please use the motherboard with the CD-ROM sound card driver or sound card driver or sound card comes with the latest driver
12, the problem: manual stop recording, motion detection and timer recording can not be restored to the original video mode.
          Manual recording level than the timing and motion detection level is high, manual stop can not be restored, please click on the manual side of the recording side of the video when the clock button will automatically switch to the automatic recording time, a minute after the entry into force.
13, the problem: unable to start motion detection video.
          Motion detection recording time and timing recording time period conflict.
          The time range of the motion detection setting is in disorder
          The motion detection area is not set
          The sensitivity or parameter setting of the motion detection is incorrect
14, the problem: boot video 15 minutes after the display appears black, do not show.
          Power management settings are not correct, in the power management will be used to set the power program is "always open", turn off the monitor set to "never", turn off the hard disk is set to "never", the system is set to "never"
15, the problem: sub-control side of the host video playback file prompt RX ... error.
          Sub-control (center) of the graphics card driver problem, please download the latest driver or replace the display card
16, the problem: sub-control machine landing host screen will appear when many small green dot.
          Motherboard is not compatible, please replace the INTEL 845D, 845E or 815EPT chip motherboard.
17, the problem: the host into the WINDOWS display after the black screen, the monitor lights turn yellow.
         The monitor does not support high refresh rates and high resolution for host settings. Replace the monitor or lower the refresh rate.
18, the problem: when the hard disk can not be covered after the cover
         Hard disk space is not enough to save 24 hours image, please check the video level is too high or increase the hard disk with an incorrect format hard disk partition, the hard disk partition all changed to NTFS format partition
Splitter Processor Frequently Asked Questions
Q: 1, Yarsor brand screen processor than the market today, some of the screen processor victory?
A: Our company Yarsor brand screen processor in addition to more stable quality, but also has a leading technology, mainly in: a, mobile alarm function; b, keyboard control.
Q: 2, the screen processor is a four-screen, four-screen automatic cycle function?
A: The processor has four pictures, nine pictures, sixteen screen points, but no multi-screen automatic cycle function. At present, we produced the 16-screen real-time processor to achieve a single screen, four screen, nine screen to sixteen automatic loop function.
Q: 3, our company how to reset the processor?
A: Our company processor can be divided into three kinds: a, black machine reset method is to press the 16th channel before the boot button to boot 2 seconds after the release can be reset to the factory default settings set the 16 split state , If you want to reset to four or nine screen, press and hold their own single selection function key to boot 2 seconds (usually for the machine after the moment of power off after the crash). B, gray processor TM216 series reset method is to press the sixteen before the start of the icon to open the function keys to boot 2 seconds after the release can be reset to the factory default settings of the 16 split state, to reset to four pictures or Nine pictures are held down their respective state function keys can be activated for 2 seconds (usually for the machine after the moment of power off after the crash). C, in the machine set the reset method is changed (such as: video back quickly, video alarm, etc.) hold down the FUNCTION function key + picture in the picture function key appears an English warning list and then repeat the system settings that Can be reset to factory default settings.
Q: 4, how do our company split the reset?
A: Our company dividers can be divided into two kinds:
One: No picture in picture
A, PAL system reset there are two ways
1 Hold down at the same time: AUTO + PALY + 4 channels;
2, hold down: PALY re-power;
B, (without picture in picture) NTSC system reset there are two ways:
1, after the press at the same time hold down: AUTO + 2 channel +3 channel;
2 Press and hold: MENU to power on again;
Two: with picture in picture, with mobile alarm function;
A, PAL system reset method: press the press at the same time: MENU + FREEZE + CH2;
B, NTSC system reset method: press and hold down at the same time: MENU + FREEZE + CH3