Flying dreams, create brilliant - a letter to clients YARSOR
Dear old and new customers and friends:
How are you! On the occasion of this turn of the year, to wish you: Happy New Year!
Time flies, but also a year of time. In this past year, we struggle together, efforts to fight fair, this year the combination of all of us sweat, laughter of our cooperation, but also cultivate a tacit cooperation between us. At the same time, it is precisely because we recognized for YARSOR technology products, so our surveillance cameras, building blocks for a harmonious society, but also to achieve the double growth in reputation and profit, can be reached manufacturers and merchants win-win situation, which YARSOR also has been the pursuit of science and technology.
As a manufacturer itself, our high-quality products and quality customer driven sales, in order to achieve profitable growth in the customer basis for cooperation, we always spur their own progress. In the past 2011, YARSOR Technology Co., Ltd. made a breakthrough in three aspects:
1. The introduction of the third generation of dot-matrix cameras. The emergence of the third generation of dot-matrix cameras, surveillance cameras can be said that a revolution in world, is a new era, which overcomes the shortcomings of the first generation and second generation array infrared cameras and traditional cameras, night Depending on the performance and service life have been an unprecedented increase. YARSOR science and technology foresight, from the beginning of 2010 that is constantly tested in early 2011 to promote the market, which give a large part of customers. After a year's time, the third generation of dot-matrix monitor cameras from a supporting role into a masters owner.
2. The first company to launch a full-color shimmer night vision surveillance cameras. Although the third generation of dot-matrix camera a great breakthrough in the night vision, but progress is our request. 2011, we held a market full-color shimmer night vision surveillance cameras, breaking the limits of black and white night vision infrared surveillance, as long as there is a little bit of shimmer, our users will be able to see the different "night" Since then, during the day and no longer need to understand the black night! This is the first case in the country good.
3. Due to more and more customers have been recognized, our sales have been on the rise, the plant has become increasingly insufficient use, in August, in view of the use of the plant, the company leadership decided to expand the plant, on the one hand to ensure work staff comfortable working environment, on the one hand to ensure timely completion of orders are under warranty customers, so we moved to the Longhua District Hao Chong Industrial Park 2, third floor. The new factory appearance, the new working environment, by many visitors during the exhibition customers.
Can achieve such results, on the one hand is our constant pursuit of high-quality product quality, high-quality products in exchange for good monument, big market, on the one hand you YARSOR customer support for science and technology, sincere cooperation. In this case, all members of YARSOR technology thanks to old and new customers in the past year for our love!
Now, the New Year's bell has sounded, all grades YARSOR Technology gained will also belong to the past, we will not be complacent, but will not rest on our laurels, because the future is always more exciting day, let YARSOR technology and you create a new 2012 together!
Finally, I wish you new and old customers: Happy New Year and good luck, all wishes come true!
YARSOR Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City
January 13, 2012

Time:2015-08-15 10:17:04