2012 Security Exhibition in Jinan, end their feast

Warm congratulations YARSOR Technology Security Exhibition 2012 Shandong great success & nbsp;
March 30, 2012, the three-day 11th China (Jinan) International Public Security Products Exhibition in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center come to an end. As one of the large-scale exhibition of local security, the exhibition has attracted nearly 500 security companies come to the exhibition.YARSOR Shenzhen Technology partners bring together exhibitors, with many new and old customers gathered in Jinan, shared feast.

The exhibition, YARSOR highlight the company's newly developed private mode Million high-definition camera, 650 line HD camera, 700 line ultra-high-definition cameras and other product lines, many customers have been affirmed, they have expressed that we are in Analog camera manufacturers will be selling products, the best combination of practicality and price of the manufacturers, rare is on this basis, our products always reflect the new trend of development of the security industry, it is yet both directions. In the field, our staff always patiently detailed product descriptions do for visitors and presentation, make specific answer visitors' questions, the attitude is further commended, everyone says, and manufacturers such cooperation ease rest assured that there future.

The exhibition, so that more customers and more comprehensive understanding of the Ya Suoer technology products, to understand the advantages of the product YARSOR, YARSOR products in Shandong to promote the play a certain role. In this, we are also grateful to the new and old customers trust and support for YARSOR, we will continue to uphold the integrity, mutual benefit and common development; not only pay attention to the development of enterprises, more emphasis on the development of the concept of the whole industry, to provide you with better quality services for the industry to provide better products and services.

Time:2015-08-15 10:18:01