School monitoring system, campus monitoring system
Scope: school monitoring system, campus monitoring system, monitoring system, etc. nursery.
Safety, health, appropriate environment, the use of high-quality teaching methods, modern society healthy and lively culture, civilization gregarious, brave self-confidence, in line with the needs of twenty-first century era of children's social responsibility, is every parent desire, it is the primary task of every position themselves in the cause of education of people. The whole garden up and down trying to create a good early childhood learning and entertainment environment, and constantly improve and update teaching play equipment, audio-visual equipment-assisted teaching, so that school conditions gradually improved to meet the requirements of modern growing.
Parents worried about the situation of children in the park is that each person can parents do appreciate it! However, as the baby's parents to children living in the kindergarten, entertainment, learning does not understand, especially parents of young children just for admission, the baby of the garden mood is concerned. Since the actual work situation causes and kindergarten, kindergarten parents to watch activities are relatively small, and some parents at work is difficult to participate in similar activities. Let the children receive a safe, secure education is every parent to send their children to nursery schools primary consideration, but the parents really understand how young children live in the garden of learning situation?
As nursery manager, you must always park in the situation to do well aware of what happened, for example, each class children's indoor and outdoor activities, meals, rest situation; teaching individual teachers and other working conditions! But at the same park and a variety of services require you to deal with, if you often feel everywhere at once! What more effective solution? Perhaps, now already in the school, in college popular school television monitoring and management system can help you solve this problem. In addition, with the gradual increase of kindergarten students has become a matter of competition, principal manager of a primary consideration, but also a necessary condition for the healthy development of the kindergarten, as modern teaching methods of participation, its involvement will also give an increasingly competitive Today, students provide a good competitive advantage. The main advantage of the kindergarten television monitoring and management system are:
It is a modern, efficient management tool nursery manager.
It is an important link between the promotion of mutual understanding between the kindergarten parents with young children, but also parents and young children is an important window to understand the living conditions in the park.
It also provides an important reference for kindergarten in the event of an accident investigation.
Help parents eliminate concerns, so that they can better coordinate education and more active.
So that parents intuitively understand the contents of correctional care and children's classes, General requirements for children, such as going to the toilet to make pots, regular meals ...... positioned so that parents usually have purposes related to the ability of cultured, change the old chase the feeding, holding parenting sleep habits.
Kindergarten for the exchange between learning provides a good application platform.
A simple function of the location and installation of the camera system is as follows:
Entrance: you can immediately see the parents pick children to young children;
Classroom: You can instantly see and hear children's activities in the classroom, teachers' working conditions; some kindergartens also teach children eating places, you can see children eating status;
Child Care Lounge: can instantly see and hear a variety of situations before and after the children of rest;
Room Versatile: you can instantly see, hear interactions of teachers and students, children's learning;
Outdoor activities: You can immediately see the children's outdoor activities;
While each camera points of image, sound recording, making teaching demonstration zone, can also be made into a VCD disc, so that parents have the opportunity to learn more about the children in the garden of the details, but also the production of parent-child interactions as VCD , as a souvenir. But also an important basis for the principal and other administrators of teachers work performance assessment.
If the installation of network equipment, the principal, parents also through Internet Internet, instant image viewing in the garden room, activities, restaurants, lounges and other places of children, even travel to the field, but also to understand the child's situation at any time .
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