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In the social economy, the market access has become an important factor affecting market growth and maturity. The emergence and development of each industry has its own characteristics, market access are not the same. China's security industry has entered a high-growth period, but due to the characteristics of the industry itself and other reasons, lack of industry standard "gene." Therefore, the security industry with the rapid growth of the industry, exposed a lot of problems.
With the need to improve people's living standards and production safety, security needs more urgent, the entire security industry is entering a golden period of development. Statistics show that China's security industry average of 25% annual growth rate rapidly growing. However, behind the rapid growth, there are some practical problems. For example, since the market mechanism and market order is not perfect, the price of confusion and unfair competition still persists, and thus a direct result of product quality can not be guaranteed. Non-standard market, seriously affecting the development of the security industry. To change this situation, we must standardize the product, regulate the market, so that the security industry towards standardization of road development.
This article on how to regulate the domestic security market topics discussed in particular, to the current status of the domestic security market as a starting point, an interview with well-known business experts, the current interpretation of China's security market for our readers, and to regulate the domestic security market advice, designed to It proposed the development of the security industry's positive suggestions. Xie total YARSOR Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd., director of marketing, as invited guests seated guests seats, and the meeting expressed their support and recognition.
Realistic portrayal of the security market: anybody's game and brand building co-exist
In 2001, the State Council decided to rectify the country and standardize market economic order, he established the National rectifying and standardizing the market economic order leading group, whose main task is to harmonize the national leadership to rectify and standardize the market economic order, direct, and coordinate the deployment Items of special rectification actions. In 2008, the Ministry of Commerce to set up the market order Division, whose main responsibility is the most important one is the lead tone rectifying and standardizing the market economic order related work. Obviously, the government in regulating the market has taken a solid pace.
The current Chinese security market and regularization of chaos pattern's game with well-known companies complement each other, co-exist. As Ye Chen CEO Tianjin ** Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. Chairman said, "prospects, competition, coincides with the transition, to be standardized," as Chinese security companies have been working hard with. ** Shenzhen Smart Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Huang Zhiyong said that the current security market in the Warring States period, anybody's game, the lack of core technology pillar industry support. And Dai Lin, general manager of Tianjin **** Digital Technology Co., Ltd. through this chaotic pattern, but to see the Chinese security industry is entering a normalization, brand era. **** Security Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Hu Chaohui that the domestic security market is still a growing sunrise industry. There is the overall strength of brand enterprises in competition, market polarization more obvious. In addition, the mainstream brands leading security industry development pattern has gradually emerged.
We need to standardize security market place: price, quality, sales channels
"Great price, tightening product quality, sales channels chaos" became realistic portrayal of China's security industry. So why do these phenomena? And now the situation is how it?
Dai Lin: I think this is a growing, is a normal phenomenon. In any industry start-up phase, immature market, demand is very strong, the threshold is very low, coupled with the absence of leading brands when "anybody's game" is inevitable, every enterprise to develop and expand the market with different tactics . In this case, the price war is one strategy. This situation generally have a period of time, I think around 2000 is the most obvious and most crazy after 2003 gradually began to weaken. At that time, their strength is not great, for the price war, only to shrink in terms of quality. Because companies do not have the brand, the size of most enterprises are only just a few dozen people, it is difficult in the country to establish their own channels. Therefore, when the OEM, abnormal phenomenon very confusing.
Now, there is a phenomenon in individual product lines, such as front-end product line such as cameras. The number of such companies are more technical threshold is not high, but did not form a very strong brand, so in this case likely to cause competitive situation. But the last couple of years, the brand in front of the camera gradually strengthen, I guess this vicious competitive situation will be better. At present, such as the "Green City" and other large projects in the tender, in fact the real security companies involved also so few, price wars and other less obvious confusion competition. In some small projects, since the problem of funds, the price war is also widespread. But in the DVR this area, like Hikvision, Zhejiang - UOB, is already the industry's leading enterprises, the brand is very clear.
In fact, the **** have also fought a price war. In 1998, we played "the price in the end," the slogan on the Shenzhen exhibition, and in 2000 to give up. Then, we go to "Security supermarket" era, to the era of technology solutions industry solutions, we have now entered the era of the brand.
Wang Xin: This used to be the majority of the industry's business practices, but in fact, there are a small part of the business, "hard skills", from the technical aspects of research and development to production, quality management, marketing and brand building, innovation, strict , the emergence of a number of outstanding security companies. Equivalent to a growth of enterprises is a "child" growing up. Now, we are still constantly replenish the "nutrition", continue to strengthen international technical exchanges, constantly enrich all employees of "literacy", this series of factors have contributed to our growing scale, but also created ** * The corporate reputation and brand awareness.
Hu Chaohui: This phenomenon is not only reflected in the security industry, in many industries have experienced or are experiencing. In fact, the price war in two ways, one is by direct compression costs cheap, poor quality materials but the impact of product quality; the other is to reduce costs through technological upgrading does not affect product quality. By design, the entire technology upgrades to reduce costs, such enterprises is a strength. Through the benefits of technology upgrades, not only reduces costs, but also accumulated technology. In the end, such enterprises can certainly steady development. Therefore, this phenomenon is inevitable, the key lies in the enterprise choice. You can quickly choose the first reduce the price but the quality can not be guaranteed, choose the second may be slow, and even the need for new investment, but the quality can be guaranteed, so the choice of these two methods will lead to gaps getting bigger.
Ye Chen: First of all, security product quality varies greatly. Compared with other industries, the security industry is a relatively small industry, relatively low barriers to entry, low-end products do not have much technical content, high-end products and can not grasp the core technology, making small businesses, and even hand-workshop influx , we can not guarantee the quality of products.
Secondly, vicious price competition. A few years ago the security industry is a lucrative industry, so to follow suit by the public (which is also growing in all sectors of a common). Slightly associated with security (such as traditional household appliances, IT and other) companies make significant inroads into foreign brands have entered the domestic market, small companies continue to set up - and with nature is the price competition.
Third, the channel construction is poor, the service is not in place. Extensive and effective sales channels, companies spend enormous effort required. Channel management is a very deep knowledge, for the vast majority of small businesses, can not do this. Channel sound or not determines the timeliness and effectiveness of business services, coupled with the price war at the expense of corporate profits, no profit no thoughts naturally do service. Therefore, there is a case not in place extensive security industry.
These phenomena generally reflects the maturity of the entire security industry is not high. Early in the formation and progressive development of an industry, the basic market mechanisms play a leading role, thus these phenomena are relatively normal, young domestic security industry is destined to pay the price for its young. Despite the efforts of the relevant departments regulate the industry, but after a short time, with little experience, it is difficult to work out so much about the standards and rules. Therefore, this phenomenon is likely to continue for some time, but I think from the standardization of mature industries is not far.
Huang Zhiyong: Security Products price war is reflected in the laws of the market economy, is a stage in the growth process of each product must go through. He explains the security market brand-building is also a lack of absolute leading national brands, on the other hand described a low threshold security market lack of uniform industry standards, intellectual property rights awareness is weak. A lot of attack, low-cost duplication of development work, the lack of independent intellectual property rights of innovative technology to lead the market. This resulted in large enterprises continue to foster growth in numerous small enterprises, small businesses looking for opportunities to survive in the big business rules of the game, so the price war, looting channel mix naturally produced.
The growth of an industry, it must pass from disorder to order, from chaos to regulate this stage. Like household appliances industry, China has more than 40 enterprises had now retained only so forty-five brands. An industry matures, it must be brand appears relatively concentrated era known brands and well-known enterprises. After 2000, with the advent and popularity of digital brand in China to accelerate the process, it began to grow in the world. It is the development of digital technology, to promote the development of China's security brand, but also regulate the orderly and healthy development of the security industry.
After the development of the last three to five years, there have been a number of Chinese security industry standardization, brand and corporate. These enterprises to develop brand-building, enhance their brand strength, to regulate the current security market has been working with!
Ye Chen: corporate brand building for market regulation has a pivotal significance. Here, to clarify some people's misunderstanding of brand building - brand building never alone on the influential multi-media advertising can be reached. Simply put, the basic brand building is the company's practice what they preach: very good point, do and say as well, which can be called brand.
First, focus on brand building must pay attention to product quality, brand is not no water roots, product quality is the basis for the brand. ** Quality View straightforward and clear - "Quality is our job." ** Similar appearance and a number of enterprises will bring the whole industry product quality has reached a higher level, poor product quality, companies will naturally be eliminated.
Second, focus on brand building company profits will be controlled within a reasonable range, neither profits blindly ignore price competition (for the long-term survival and development of enterprises considered), we are not blind pursuit of profits (to compete with other companies). so as to drive the industry toward healthy and orderly development. ** Different product system has a fixed profit margin, raw material prices have risen in recent years, but taking into account the needs of customers, ** product has not been the product price increases.
Again, focus on brand building must pay attention to customer service. Modern commercial society, services and products themselves together form a "product" in a broad sense, especially for security products. Therefore, companies will serve to enhance the product and achieve the same high customer satisfaction. ** Service has been praised by customers, which due to the long-term importance of the service ** ** According summed up "seven law", "24720 principles" to guide the daily service **.
Finally, focus on brand building company for the "counterfeit", "fake" and will spare no effort to combat the phenomenon, which directly contributed to the industry's market norms.
Dai Lin: corporate brand building is a systematic project, including all levels of the enterprise, is part of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. I think there are so few brand:
First quality. The brand must rely on the quality of play out, we would not have no quality brand. Like international certification, standardization TPE, TPM, 5S, etc., all regular companies are doing. **** Do 5S has six or seven years. Quality is the brand's strong point is the most basic. Any responsible security company will spare no efforts in terms of quality, we emphasize the process, standardization and institutionalization, professional. There is on people's minds to enhance, in the past that do not need high quality processing lines, in fact, this is wrong. Only by improving the quality of production line workers in order to improve product quality, we are now educated workers in the production line is full of college.
The second is technology. A business in order to achieve brand development, there is no core technology and products, no strong research backing, it would not brand building. **** Has been committed to develop in the direction toward the technology leader, we have spared no effort to invest in technology research and development every year to come up with 8% of total sales into research and development of them. We have a post-doctoral workstations, digital products and set up a cooperation with Tianjin University laboratory, a large number of recruiting R & D personnel, now has nearly 300 people in R & D team. We have leading technology in the industry, as of OSD OSD, a chip can achieve 16 characters superimposed Road. And our great effort under terms of technology integration. From front to back, not just a physical link, but more importantly is a value chain, be able to integrate the customer's resources and our equipment together to create value for customers. We are now in Tianjin's largest software companies, software companies who account for two-thirds of total R & D personnel. Product sales in the past we do when the hardware is very important; now we do industry sales, the software is very important. Security companies to develop, certain hardware is started by the software development process.
The third is service. Increased access to services. We have set up 30 offices across the country, and all staff are appointed by the company headquarters. Among them, the technical service personnel to provide customers with local service and rapid response mechanism, is currently the team's third of the total marketing staff. Because any system project would not be a problem, when there are problems, deal with the problem of attitude is the most important. In addition, the **** has always stressed the value of the service. Currently set up three service system, the first stage is the office level, the second level is the platform level, the third level is the industry level. Goods and services are generally provided in the office level, system solutions and services provided at the platform level and industry-wide solution.
Fourth value. Creating value for customers, including economic value, social value and management value. Some people think that the brand is able to successfully sell their products out. In fact, this is not comprehensive. Final consideration of the brand value of the client's approval is required, which is to enable customers to maximize value, customers will agree with your brand. For example, we have developed intelligent transportation system bayonet, after some local cost recovery using the fastest in six months, the economic value is considerable. As another example, in the field of public security department, some prisoners for interrogation or enforcement occurs after complaints of violence, causing social repercussions of the page. If equipped with synchronized audio and video products, and can not be changed with the watermark feature, you can solve this problem. Currently, **** through their own efforts have been widely recognized by society, for example, won the national well-known trademarks, or central spiritual civilization advanced units, five good party committee of Tianjin, Tianjin model workers collective, Tianjin study the scientific concept of development collective, so much honor, what we promote the brand-building, through continuous upgrading of technology, quality, service achievements.
Wang Xin: brand building and regulate the domestic security market are associated. I think that the two are complementary relationship, only to regulate the market in many ways better, in order to better brand building; and once to do brand building, in the interest of the entire market norms. Once the brand has been well-known in the industry, we need to "security first." Create a brand, we must also learn how to protect brands. *** At the end of 2009 this part of the work will be carried out systematically implemented, opened the 400 free service hotline, and start using the product anti-counterfeiting labels. This initiative can play a role in maintaining the company brand, brand building further consolidated. Will be held in July 2010 and put into use, "*** Security Industrial Park" is established *** fifth strategic expansion in six years, also we built a brand-building aspect. Industrial Park, work, life, entertainment facilities, office space and production area totaling more than 10,000 square meters, staff quarters building has 6 floors. Currently, we are working on further improvement of the above facilities, and strive to provide staff with a comfortable working and living conditions for our customers to present a more perfect corporate image. After a year of preparation, "*** Security Industry Park" put into use not only expand our capabilities, while enhancing the corporate image, it is to accelerate the development of enterprises booster.
In 2009, *** put forward the concept of "*** enhance the quality of the brand", which is a surveillance measures *** advocate implementation of the brand to do systematic planning. For example, control of raw materials, control of products, the quality of the finished product shipments, sales and service, shipping rates, delivery rates, etc., each has done a careful planning. In 2010, we will "product diversification" casting more strong backing, in addition to expanding outside the plant, and will adjust the company's organizational structure more suitable, with all kinds of talents will also be more perfect. Thus, the "enterprise scale" implement every detail.
Hu Chaohui: On larger projects, contractors and the Party, the brand very seriously. When not previously strong brand awareness, which is on product quality, price simple comparison. Now consider an enterprise when many customers, the service can be provided given great emphasis, and hope security companies can bring greater value to whom. **** A ** Group to enter the security industry, with professional and international security monitoring display terminal manufacturers. **** There are certain brand, with "Skyworth" brand, relying on product quality and product technology to build their brand image.
From the appliance industry's growth philosophy and business philosophy, the vicious price competition does not actually bring real benefits to the user, because the price competition led to lower business profits, thus affecting its product quality, technical innovation, service and terms of investment, the consequences will finally be passed on to end-users body. So **** great attention to product quality, while increasing service intensity, with something other than price to win the respect of end-users, in order to avoid the case being involved in a price war opponents can not extricate themselves.
There emphasis on brand building and managers have a direct relationship. Like a Catcher in the Rye, a manager must be attached to the bottom line of their own brand, not because the market is competitive and can disrupt their plans and dreams, quiet and Zhi Yuan should be done. This is a valuable any entrepreneur should think about.
Huang Zhiyong: brand building without the support of the market, and the market is determined by the user's own brand of choice and "life and death", and between the two are mutually supportive. In earlier years, up to real market development in access control products market position is constantly adjusted according to the annual changes in market conditions, such as 2000 to 2004 access control card market, mainly in digital enterprises, domestic enterprises to 80% over the last ten thousand All were using up real product; from 2004 to 2006, the market positioning of the real turning digital campus card, three continuous manufacture of the nation's largest digital campus case; after 2006, reaching a real again the product positioning in intelligent buildings Access Card, the first two stages, all for the purpose of its major orders as the goal, brand building awareness is weak. Despite of solid domestic first-class outstanding customers, but not as good as some second-tier brands Security access control companies. After 2006, re-enactment of a real product promotion strategy, brand building on the first place, through three years of efforts, the recovery of real access brand in line with its own position in the market, is eligible for a historic breakthrough.
Stable domestic security companies to practice "Strength": advanced technology, quality service, scientific management
From the entire industry is concerned, the national policy of stimulating domestic demand, and based on the trust of consumers and China's construction needs and other factors, China's security industry to the market this year are increasing domestic demand, the growth rate higher than the current international and domestic economic the speed of development. The security industry is bound to drive the growth of China's security demand, even this change so that China has become the largest international security security manufacturer.
Outbreak of the financial crisis, to security companies bring not only a crisis, it also brings a practice "internal strength" opportunities. Ye Chen believes that things always have two sides, the financial crisis has brought harm to China's security industry, but also serve to accelerate business polarization, promote superior inferior, some weaker, poor anti-risk enterprise advance out for those potential companies preferred leaving more living space. Wang Xin admitted that the 2008 global financial crisis, so that the competition between security products more competitive, resulting in product prices continue to decline, when the price of the product *** accordingly been fine-tuning. However, the domestic demand for security products market capacity has not diminished, but increased, and after the crisis until now.
Ye Chen: From a market point of view, in fact, every industry will experience naive - A growing - maturity - decline of several stages. Among these, the emergence of a stronger business, it is an important symbol of the industry from growing to maturity of development, small enterprises will be phased state, the entire industry dominated by several major companies of its development, this process is also the market by standard procedures.
From now, compared with the massive influx of domestic security market international brands, Chinese companies do in some ways there is a gap, to enhance their own strength, I think it should start with the following:
One should develop a clear, meet their actual development goals and development plans. So far this year, already the first five-year plan ** fourth year of execution. Practice shows that most of our goals have been achieved, such as to improve the system construction, establish a corporate culture system, completed the construction of enterprise information distribution channels and so on. The second is to strengthen the capability of independent innovation. The fundamental problem is that China's security industry technology, companies can through their own efforts, or to seek the relevant government agencies to support to solve this problem, strong investment in technology development, only those with a core technology in order to be have a future. Third, to ensure product quality, the quality of China's security to be strengthened; in addition, increased access to services, many enterprises service awareness is still relatively weak. Fourth, improve the business management. Compared with foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises in management are not fine enough professional, and this is domestic security companies to enter the threshold is low, short history, generally small-scale enterprises or weaker concerned.
Wang Xin: The hardest hit is the development and technological innovation, which is at this stage the most lacking in Chinese security companies, the most important factor is the distance between the major domestic security companies and international security companies. Domestic security companies should adopt a comprehensive and international standards, based on the local under the premise, from management, brand building, and many learn from the successful experience of foreign companies to create a competitive strength of enterprises with foreign firms, the establishment of security companies with Chinese characteristics image .
Dai Lin: We are part of the lack of core technologies, such as chip technology, the core algorithms, security companies are not. In addition, large-scale industry-based integrated technology is not enough. Basic management security industry is not perfect, like ISO9000 management are not implemented in many companies. At present the proportion of Chinese enterprises in the international security market security accounted for a small, brand effect is not large, export efforts were not enough, the positioning exports is still low, mostly in products, such as program type, system solutions category yet. Aspects of small-scale, over several thousands of companies will, over 500 companies will dozen. Security industry entrepreneurs need to have a sense of mission, should always have on society and the industry responsible attitude, the security company came into the world arena. In fact, doing business is a systematic project, not just for research, marketing, research and development layout, also include the ability to create value for society.
Hu Chaohui: the impact of the financial crisis spread to every industry, the security industry is not immune, especially for export-oriented enterprises greater impact. China's economy, the expansion from exports to domestic demand became the only prescription to defuse the economic crisis; for the security companies, the focus of business to the domestic market has become the choice of many enterprises. In the economic crisis, there is no technology, brands, services enterprises can hardly survive, while cash-rich companies have core technology becomes fixed calm.
**** Business mainly in the domestic market, less affected by the financial crisis, but taking into account changes in the environment, we have taken a series of measures to deal mainly with the word "streamline" policy. Finance: strict control of financial risks, do not allow credit; sales: sales staff to expand the authority to take the way of lower prices to expand market share; technology, through the use of a more integrated approach to upgrading technology and design approaches to reduce product costs; quality, the strict control of product quality, strengthen internal management processes, responsibilities to everyone, increase production efficiency and thus reduce costs. In addition, through the development of indicators inventory turns, improve inventory management efficiency.
Huang Zhiyong: Chinese security companies also need to continue to achieve innovation, technological innovation, so in order to remain invincible in the competition; in addition, strengthen their own brand building, attention to the protection of intellectual property, in order to continuously improve their strength and strength of the industry .
Associations and the media to keep pace: actively guide and supervise, regulate the industry self-regulation
At present, China's security industry has recognized the important role of industry standards to regulate the security market has. So, multi-power (government, industry associations, businesses and professionals, etc.) are working to improve the level of security and quality standards, improve security coverage and industry standard application effectiveness. January 12, 2010, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Guangdong Education Department of Guangdong Province jointly issued a "security engineering colleges technical specifications" local standards, by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security and Protection Association, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Center More than security experts to study compiled. It is one of the association government service, service industry, social services, regulating the market in the form of a concrete manifestation.
Hu Chaohui: At present, some security companies to reduce costs, taxes, purchasing, quality control, service and other aspects of illegal operations, not even to go to obtain product certification to participate in market competition, to the whole market has brought adverse effects. I think the whole industry specifications also require government departments and relevant parties to oversee the management of the industry, so we have a constraint, create a fair competitive environment.
Industry associations need to program progressive, sustainable business practices adhere to regulate the industry to play an active role in regulating the security market development. For example, to join the Security Industry Association's business, there should be a certain threshold and requirements. If you join the trade association of companies in violation of the norms, should be given a certain degree of sanctions. So that we feel able to enter into this association business is good business, it is assured of business. To do so, the status of the Association not only to get promoted, and let the company's position to enter the association can be enhanced to achieve win-win situation. Also, for example, the current domestic security companies and some foreign companies or associations when in contact with, if direct contact, probably difficult; and if through this platform association, will be able to enhance the sense of trust between the two sides to communicate them more efficiently. In addition, the corporate self-regulation is also very important. Survival of the fittest by the market, winning business must be good in all aspects. Future market competition, will be reflected in the strength of the brand.
Dai Lin: both the government and the media play a part in the development of regulatory and mouthpiece regulate the industry in an important role. In addition to business fighting in the market, the more important is the guidance of the government, such as industry associations, standard committee, a number of countries to develop industry standards, so that some powerful enterprises included. Standards to regulate the industry through self-regulation, to avoid vicious competition in the low end.
Because the media to promote their brands, including the leading role and other aspects of corporate propaganda is very important. Many large companies, in addition to its own image than good, it is also very good reviews from the media. Companies should put media as partners in development, so in order to promote the development of the industry.
Ye Chen: on regulating domestic security market, companies talked about earlier efforts should be made of. In addition, the relevant government departments, technical product standards should be introduced as soon as possible to set more stringent access mechanism to realize the market norms fundamentally; the media and other sectors, should play a supervisory role, from the level of public opinion blocked counterfeiting and Fan Jia, does not regulate the operation of enterprises survival; for consumers in general, should be through formal channels, buy the regular manufacturers of security products, do not give an opportunity to exploit fake and shoddy products.
Huang Zhiyong: the government or relevant departments to develop a unified industry standard, a series of measures to strengthen product safety certification, authentication algorithm; improve industry standardization of products production standards, strict control of issuing production licenses and market access system, so that, in order to effectively regulate good healthy development of the domestic security market. As long as access control products enhance password authentication standard, we can not put a lot of insecure password authentication, using public encryption product ID does not shut out. Whether imported or domestic brands unified brand in the domestic production of standard security system continue research and development, certification, can effectively prevent a price war and the phenomenon of mixed quality.
Summing up the above, the target of Shenzhen City Science and Technology Co., Ltd. YARSOR very clear, adhere to brand building, technology innovation, quality service, creating value for customers is the right development path.
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